OpenSea may soon include Solana’s NFTs!

According to rumors circulating on Twitter, OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, may soon plan to support Solana-based NFTs.

OpenSea website shows support for Solana NFTs

Blogger Jane Manchun Wong posted screenshots from the OpenSea website showing Solana among the supported blockchains, namely Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon. The screenshot also shows the marketplace supporting the Solana wallet, Phantom.

According to Wong, she discovered the Solana references while reverse-engineering the marketplace’s website.

In recent times, Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi and NFTs has come under increased attack from rival blockchains like Cardano, Solana and others. In January 2021, Ethereum had near total dominance of the space with 95% market share. This figure is now around 80%, with the Solana network being its closest rival.

OpenSea refuses to confirm the rumor

The platform distanced itself from the screenshot, saying it is old speculation. An OpenSea spokesperson said they would comment when there was something to say.

Although the platform has chosen not to comment on the subject, the support of Solana is a logical step for OpenSea. With the ” ethereum killer which is gaining significant market share, it would make sense for Opensea to expand acceptance to other blockchains to maintain its lead in the space.

This will once again prove how much ground Ethereum is losing to its rivals. Blockchain, which has been the primary network for decentralized applications, is facing serious issues ranging from scalability to high gas fees to network congestion.

OpenSea itself has faced some level of security issues, recently a bug in the platform was exploited to steal over $1 million worth of NFT assets.