Metaverse: The Shiba Inu Community Launches Shiberse

Taking the Metaverse train, Shiba Inu embarked on virtual reality by announcing the launch of ” Shiberse in 2022. Shiberse is considered the most important release of the year, with many more launches planned in its ever-expanding environment.

Shytoshi Kusamathe developer currently leading the project, had been giving hints to investors about project updates for a week, and the team recently made the announcement official.

The intricate details of the graphics were praised by all. From the lush green grass to the rough trees and rocks, everything has been manicured and looks like a work of art.

The flagship dog, the Shiba Inu, looks stealthy with an axel hammer between its jaws. The symbolic photo of the dog may allude to the mining of cryptographic tokens.

In the midst of an obvious market crash, the Shiba Inu community has somehow revived the hopes of people in the cryptocurrency industry. The recent announcement has led to increased engagement from cryptocurrency enthusiasts on social media.

SHIB identifies real-world use cases and provides users with solutions to business and retail challenges, while breaking free from the meme-token stigma. Last December, more than ten retailers said they accepted Shiba Inu as payment. The community is targeting blockchain gaming, which is also seen as the future of gaming technology. The following upgrades and expansion will make SHIB the very first company to step into the world of blockchain gaming.

The Shiberse promises very clever and well-programmed graphics, which makes it an adventure in itself. The SHIB team was very ambitious, but at the same time, they kept their promises and delivered their products on time.

The Shiba Inu token is currently at $0.00002093 and has plunged around -4.6% in today’s trade.